Ralf G. Baeuchl:  My checklist for successful events

How to avoid the event flop, how to create the WOW-effect!

Events and Sponsorships are one of the most sensitive communication tools. They are working live and face to face to their target groups. Relevant success factors will be on the one hand conceptional uniqueness and extraordinary creative spirit and on the other hand outstanding production quality. You will have only “one opportunity”, “one moment” to reach your target group. They will leave your event when the whole concept will not be suitable. But you couldn´t send them home if there will be any production problems during your event procedure or sponsorship and repeat the whole event some days later without damaging your brand, without damaging your company, without damaging your business goals!

Focus your mind on relevant aspects:

Ralf G. Baeuchl: My checklist for successful marketing events

1. Will the invitation activate and all teasing measurements create interest, will they evoke great desire to visit the event?

2. Have all company staff members and the service providers staff  been really be trained and prepared as ambassadors for the event and the main intentions and messages?

3. Is the event really be practising outstanding story telling?

4. Will the event be offering moments of tensions and surprise, suitable dramaturgy?

5. Will the event reach the emotions of the participating people?

6. Will the event activate the participants brain work and obtain interactive event modules?

7. Could you feel any optical or acoustical idea, any creative spirit?

8. Will someone with suitable skills be the event director?

9. Are the event actors and participants be born for this event?

10. Which level of production quality will be reached?

11. Could you experience brand or corporate images, brand or corporate messages and the corporate identity?

12. Will the event production be within the budget limits? Could you see an awareness of taking care about cost effective event production affairs?

13. Will the event be an integrated part of a whole communication campaign? Will the event be connected with other communication instruments for beeing more effective?

14. Will the event be different in comparison with competitors and other branches?

15. Event result: Has the event been reached its goals? Will the event fulfill the expectations of organizers and visitors? Which messages have been got to the participants?


© Ralf G. Bäuchl – 2009